“If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” - Sun Tzu, (The Art of War)

These powerful words by a powerful general and leader both on and off the fields of war have been heard and spoken by many a leader and commander of forces in almost every walk of life – military, business and even with regard to relationships.
But what exactly does it mean to “know thyself and know thy enemy”?

It’s not to say that we are surrounded by enemies at every turn or that there are villains waiting to plan our demise around every corner. However, what if we approach business in the same manner as Sun Tzu approached warfare?

What if our goal was to know ourselves and our business and know our competitors and how to use that knowledge to give us the edge to excel in business and to gain a better and deeper understanding of how every person operates?

This will not only serve to assist you to know yourself better, but also allow you to know your competitors better and gain the upper hand over your competition.

Why Business Breakthrough?

Statistics shows that consistent Quality Training:

  • Saves clients
  • Saves sales
  • Improves sales effort
  • Speeds up the sales process
  • Generates more business
  • Improves client retention
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Reduces stress
  • Sets a clear path for performance
  • Allows employees to know where they stand
  • Improves motivation and morale

All modules can be done individually as a separate seminar in and of themselves, however it should be noted that the efficiency of the modules are greatly increased when the accompanied recommendations for each module are followed.

What You Will Learn

Module 1: Behaviour and State

Understanding the basis of human behaviour and how the different aspects of behaviour influences the outcomes we as humans achieve. Learning how behaviour plays its part in the creation of our reality, both internally as well as externally and how to go about changing internal states to achieve different behaviour.

Module 2: Needs

The 6 human needs is a concept designed by Anthony Robbins that teaches how all behaviour and decisions that every human being makes are focussed around these 6 human needs and the fulfilment thereof. Understanding these needs will empower a student to acknowledge and recognize the needs of others and themselves and assist in making more empowered decisions and improved communication.

Module 3: Communication

Probably one of the most important aspects of influence and persuasion is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. The meaning of any communication is the results you get from the communication, despite the intentions behind the communication – Hence why this module forms such a crucial part of the training.

Module 4: Rapport

Rapport is the ability to create an instantaneous connection with another person. The rule that people like people who are like them is a definitive approach to the idea behind rapport. The techniques covered in this module will transform any and all interactions into that of agreement, like-mindedness and effortless support.

Module 5: Calibration

Although the techniques of rapport are easy to grasp and practice, a great deal of power is added to the equation able to calibrate as to where in the interaction you are would like to steer it. The calibration techniques discussed in this module will success and stack the odds in your favour.

Module 6: Anchoring

Anchoring, or more correctly described as “conditioned reflex” is the process of eliciting emotions within another person (or yourself) and linking those specific emotions to certain visual, auditory or kinaesthetic triggers. This will enable you to recall those linked emotions at any time. Imagine linking the feeling of satisfaction and contentment to your product or service…

Module 7: Peak Performance

Performance. There are many areas in life that require optimal performance to gain ultimate success. Learn how to set up your life so that you automatically move in the direction you have set out for yourself and your life. Be it personal or professional. It’s your life! Learn how to live it to the best of your potential.

Module 8: Time Management

Any successful business is built on productivity. Imagine that instead of working 10 times harder, you work 10 times smarter and getting 3 times the amount done in the same time frame with the same or less amount of effort. This is capable with the techniques taught in the time management module.

Module 9: Leadership Essentials

There are certain mind-sets and skill-sets that set certain individuals apart from others. Some are “born leaders”, or so it’s thought. Learn the techniques, mind-sets and skill-sets that the top leaders are following to set them apart. Be part of the elite who know how to lead others, knowing that they will loyally follow you.

Module 10: Business 101

Discover what business really is all about, how to build a successful business and the steps that you can take to see your business grow faster than you could have ever imagined. Learn the strategies of top executives and gain an understanding of what it takes to succeed in the world of business.

Module 11: Masterful Marketing

Marketing is the first interaction between your brand, service and/or product and your client. It goes without saying that effective marketing is the heartbeat of any business. Find out how Fortune 500 companies do their marketing and discover the amazing strategies of truly effective marketing.

Module 12: Strategies

Before any decisions are made, every person follows their own set of internal strategies to come to conclusions that results in decisions and behaviour. Understanding how strategies are formed and installed will enable you to design strategies not only for yourself, but also for potential clients that will assist them in making informed decisions and thus building long-term relationships.

Module 13: Super-Sized Sales

What do the top sales representatives and executives do to achieve the amazing sales power they possess? How do they build their skills to the level of having a 95 to 100 % closing rate? What are the secrets of establishing value and authority within your market? This module will teach you all of the above and more.

To boost your business to the top of its market, get in touch and find out how you can set your business apart from the rest by getting the edge and gaining the upper hand with the knowledge and methods of world-class business leaders.

It’s your business. Tapping into its potential is up to you.