To love and be loved in return, is one of life's greatest treasures.

Have you ever noticed that, for some couples, arguments and disagreements help them to grow and improve their relationship, while for others, arguments lead to pain and resentment?

For some couples, honesty and trust deepens the relationship, while for others honesty seems like a dangerously detrimental idea…

This is where Strengthening The Bonds is unlike any other relationship seminar.

You will learn the key strategies to master the following:

  • What makes the difference?
  • Are there decisions in your life that need to be made? Perhaps some that have had to be made for a long time?
  • How would you communicate this to yourself and to others?
  • How do you go about communicating this to your partner or spouse?
  • What would change in your life today if you made those decisions right now?
  • How would it change the lives of those who are dear to you?

It’s time to get started… let’s tap into the full potential of your life and your relationships – NOW!

What Will Be Covered

During this weekend breakaway, with complete immersion into the strategies and methods to build and grow a loving relationship, we will cover the following concepts:

1) We are all asleep

Most people carry on with their day-to-day activities being lived by life instead of living life.
Most of us are currently stuck in a behaviour pattern that is stuck in a repetitive loop and therefore causing us to not even realize that we are not living our potential.

2) We all live our lives according to our own map / perceptions

Our map / perceptions / mental filters govern how we sum up certain experiences in our life.
These maps determine how we feel about certain events / experiences and also how we react to them.

3) We all have a core story that shapes our experience

Throughout our lives we have written our own life story in a way that presupposes certain behaviours in certain scenarios.
This “core story” we have created for ourselves often times limits us to not behave in new, more empowering ways.

4) In order to change, we must GET OUT of our comfort zone

Because of our “story”, we have grown to be comfortable in our responses and behaviour, even if we realize that it is not serving us.
In order to transform and grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we need to get away from that comfort zone and face a new, better self.

5) To get out of our comfort zone, we need to build security

We can only get out of our comfort zone by creating a sense of security outside of it.
Once security has been created outside of our comfort zone, it will be easier for us to change our thinking patterns which will allow us to follow a different route.

6) We need to face our discomforts directly

The only way to build security and create new behaviours is to face the discomfort that comes directly and destroying old patterns of behaviour and experiencing security in new ways of thinking.
Any new thinking pattern takes approximately 30 days to become a new routine / pattern and thereafter takes another 60 days to become a new habit.

7) We need to understand that success in a relationship is built on authenticity and honesty

Any successful relationship is built on the core principle of honesty and authenticity.
Honesty is needed to feel safe in a relationship and authenticity is needed to continue to experience the need for certainty within the relationship.

8) To change means to develop yourself and to transform

There is a core principle within life that if you are not growing, you are dying. Therefore if we as individuals want to continue to enjoy life, we need to constantly grow and develop.
To transform means to “become new”. Thus the old habits, patterns and behaviours need to be released and left behind whilst new, better, more empowering ones are created and developed.

Discover the immense transformation that is possible within YOUR relationship right now.

Learn the tools that you can put to use to:

  • regain the trust
  • ignite the passion
  • unfold the spontaneity and
  • reconnect with your loved one and your inner self.

We spend so much time distracted by unimportant things in life that we often miss what is staring us right in the face right now.

What is your happiness and your relationship with your loved worth to you?

Are you willing to take the necessary actions to experience what a fulfilling, loving, intimate relationship is all about?

An entire weekend breakaway, including accommodation, meals, all study material and a renewed understanding and appreciation for yourself and your loved one.

This complete system for relationship mastery boasts (to date) a 100% success rate of improvement in the relationships of those who attend.

Make the decision to be truly happy within your relationship.

Get in touch and take the first step towards improving your love life and rediscovering your inner passion.