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26 November 2020
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19 January 2021

Forward thinking is not forward acting


"Knowing without doing is not really knowing at all, but so is thinking without fact." – Tony Wake

The “New Normal” as so many are calling it, with near post-apocalyptic emotions attached and the promise of a new world with a new way of doing things. It almost elicits the same emotions as an abusive husband who promises his estranged spouse that “this time things will be different” and “I have changed, I promise”.

Yet when we look back at history and the catastrophes that have befallen humankind, with the majority of these calamities being of our own making, have we truly entered a “New Normal” or is it merely the shock of yet another close-call that has jarred us from our behavioural and unconscious reverie?

So, before we delve into empty promises of “we solemnly swear”, lets look at a few behavioural facts that has brought us to our current global dilemma and what needs to change in order to minimalise any similar future scenarios that threaten to mimic our current assimilated experience.

Human behaviour is very similar to a computer program; it runs almost entirely automatically with very little external influence necessary in order for the system to run its course. As with computer programming though, there is a rule that applies to both programming as well as human behaviour called GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. What you put into the system is what you get out. Unfortunately though, when it comes to humans, there is most often than not, an escalation that occurs due to our egoistic nature. So, when referring to humans, I would change the concept to GIMGO: Garbage In, More Garbage Out.

As a species we have veered so far off from our intended purpose on this planet; to be the keepers and protectors and caretakers of not only the planet itself, but all life on it. Our magnificent minds and imaginations give us the power of not only dreaming up whole new worlds within the one we are living in, but also methods in seeing them become realized and come to fruition. We have risen to become the dominant species on a planet that, for the lack of better grammar, is at our mercy.

We literally have the power to destroy all life with the push of a button… And what do we choose to do with our elevated station? Where do we choose to put our focus and channel our immense creative power? Into “How can we create an Artificial Intelligence that is greater than our own, that can think for us, so that we don’t have to take any more action than what we absolutely have to…?"

Here I would like to reiterate the law of adaptive response; If you don’t use it, you lose it. If human beings are continually striving to make themselves more and more inconsequential and creating more and more "comforts" that can ultimately replace them, is it any wonder then why nature is fighting back? Especially since we have resorted to becoming that which we were created to contest; the adversaries instead of the protectors.

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." - Francis Bacon

Is all lost then? Are we doomed to be replaced by circuitry and electronic flows of information that mimic our ideas, whilst eliminating the adverse effects of those ideas? Is it too late to save ourselves? Should we abandon all hope; and what would happen if we do?

If we want different results, we are required to take different action and alter our thinking in order to give us those results. Simply put, if we continue to lackadaisically carry on in the same manner as we have been, then we will ultimately be the architects of our own demise. So, what needs to change? And even if we know what requires change, more importantly HOW do we go about changing it?
The short answer is; Our thinking and our attitude.

Attitude is not merely a mindset or a set of characteristics that mimic our internal beliefs. It's not just a shift in perspective that can easily be switched as the mood changes, as so many would have us believe. Attitude is an engraved and deep-seated belief system, that requires nurturing and encouragement in order to truly become a battle-hardened disposition in our everyday lives.

Attitude starts as a choice, develops as a mindset, matures into a characteristic and comes full circle as a belief. The TYPE of attitude that is developed and nurtured though is in need of serious scrutiny.
Too may of us choose to put our focus, attention and energy into that which derails our intentions and drains our power. We focus on the latest "horror stories", unhelpful gossip, fabricated news headlines and we choose to lose ourselves in the endless options of entertainment. Instead, if we were to focus our attention and intention on what we would rather experience in this beautiful world which we call home, take actions according to those intentions, motivate one another to stay steadfast to our cause, remind one another of our TRUE purpose in this world and assist each other to be the best that we can truly be; then we will all be far better off because we are then living in alignment instead of contradiction.

We are tribal by nature. A pack animal that requires companionship, closeness with others of our kind and continuous support both from as well as towards others of our kind. Why then do so many choose to go against their very nature and inflict harm on others and indirectly on themselves? Because of limiting beliefs and an ego that dwarfs their IQ.

Attitude, and more accurately a positive and helpful attitude, can only be achieved and sustained when we are in an environment where others of like-minded intent are prevalent. We also need to keep in mind that in order to be the change we seek in the world; the exact change that we wish to experience, is required to be ignited within us first and foremost, before we can spread that change far and wide. Change begins with a thought, grows into a concept, evolves into a belief and expands through aligned actions. Therefore, the responsibility does not fall on only a select few to be the change, but on each and every one of us.

WE are the human race. WE are the caretakers. WE were intended to reign and serve. WE need to stand together, united, of similar intent and of same mindset in order to save ourselves from the actions of our past. The "New Norm" is a wake-up call intended to shake us from our slumber and into action. For too long have we been ignorant of our actions, deluded that there will be no consequence of our hubris. "Normal" is merely a state of social acceptability. How long will we choose to be "normal" while we sit on our hands and watch our planet, our home, our responsibility and ourselves be foolishly wiped out by selfish pride and the egoistic commands by those we have chosen to "lead" us.

The question we should all be asking is: "Is the 'new normal' a place of creation or is it a place of incarceration?"
The choice remains in all of our hands. Either we choose to take action and stand together, with an attitude of unity and camaraderie, or we risk being driven to extinction by the greed and ego of a human race who are blind to our own power and who chooses an attitude of negligence.

Which do you choose?

And more importantly… What are YOU going to DO about it?
Do you agree or disagree?

Please leave your comments and questions below and join in on the discussion.


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