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1 May 2020
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How to change limiting beliefs


What are false beliefs?

They are beliefs we have about ourselves or our experience (internal as well as external) that are untrue and limiting. They live in our unconscious and since 90 percent of our actions stem from our unconscious, our false beliefs play a huge role in nearly everything we do.

Also, since they live in our unconscious, we may not be aware of them and how they affect our daily lives.

For example, if you believe you are unlovable, you may sabotage relationships, hold on when you shouldn’t, or avoid getting into relationships altogether.
And then “logic” may provide you with explanations on why you are doing this when, at the core, it’s fuelled by your false belief that you are "unlovable".

Our behaviour stems from our beliefs, and what our life looks like is a result of our collective behaviour.

So, if we change or dissolve our beliefs, especially our false beliefs, we can change our behaviour and ultimately change our life.

A belief is based on a perception, or one’s interpretation of the acquired knowledge.

So let's investigate how to change limiting beliefs.
Do you agree or disagree?

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