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25 October 2021
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11 February 2022

How to deal with blame

Life isn’t perfect.

Things go wrong, mistakes are made, accidents and unforeseen circumstances happen, and at times our hopes get shattered.

Through all of life's experiences and the challenges we each face; is your default reaction to find somebody or something else to blame?
A lot of things that happen to us are the result of multiple contributing factors, and can be caused by a mix of our own actions as well as those of other people.

Life is not a spectator sport and our interaction in it is what causes the experiences we have.

If you find yourself trying to pass the buck for every mistake you make, then it’s probably gotten you into trouble in the past…
…especially if you try to shift the blame onto your partner, family, best friends, or people you have to work closely with.

Life is all about making mistakes. Because it’s when we go through and moving past the mistakes that we learn how to do things right, isn't it?

If we never accept that we’ve made a mistake, how can we ever learn to do things better?

With that in mind, in this episode of The Mindwalker Method™ podcast, let’s have a think about some of the reasons why we can be tempted to blame others, followed by a look at how to kick the habit of shifting the blame for our problems.
Do you agree or disagree?

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