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20 February 2019
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28 February 2019

How to identify the masks you wear


As social beings we all develop a tendency to fit into specific roles which allow us to find our place in the societal hierarchy of the families / groups / tribes we form part of.

In order for us to do this we not only play the part we choose to create for ourselves, but we also begin to fit into the presupposed roles and duties that has been preordained for us within our social group and its dynamic.

We don’t always enjoy these roles we are assigned, due to them often being non-verbally and indirectly forced on us and hence we cope with these psychological challenges by wearing proverbial masks.

Although these masks we wear and roles we play are for our survival and play an important part of our mental and spiritual development, the challenge is that every mask, every role has certain expectations and duties attached to them and demands specific actions and behaviours and thinking patterns from us.

What happens when those same masks begin to wear us and we become the puppets...? Find out how you can regain control and realign to your true self.
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