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21 February 2019
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8 March 2019

How to overcome the curse of “WHY?”


Being human means, you have an innate need to want to know… stuff…

From how stuff works to where stuff comes from to why stuff is the way it is…
It’s a built-in mechanism and too many of us are overly critical when we want to understand the deeper workings and the deeper meaning of things.

For the simple reason that we can only resonate with the things that fit into our current belief systems, and anything that dare challenge those beliefs are either discarded, or labelled as “dangerous”… All because they are unknown and alien to us.

Which means that we continue seeking only those things that support our current beliefs and then still boast that OUR belief is true because of all the evidence that supports it, right?

The infamous “WHY?”

So many of us tend to fall victim to it and too many of us don’t just “come across” it, but decide to unpack our tents and to set up camp right there and revel in it…

Why do we do that?

Well, let’s explore, shall we?
Do you agree or disagree?

Please leave your comments and questions below and join in on the discussion.


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