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29 October 2020
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26 November 2020

The difference between drive, ambition and motivation


Is ambition enough?

What’s the difference between drive, ambition and motivation; and why does it matter?

What is it that “drives” us to do anything?

  • Why do you work?
  • Why do you eat your favourite food?
  • Why do you start a business?
  • Why do you buy a lottery ticket?
  • Why are you in your current relationship?

The answers to these questions may seem self-evident, but in fact, they are actually quite complex, because they come from within the same complex organism, the same body, the same mind that has both the capabilities to create amazing things as well to destroy the very planet we all inhabit.

I had a mentor once who said that being “driven” is not a choice and therefore, genetically speaking it’s undesirable. He said that instead, we can choose to be “ambitious”.

Ambition works as a paradigm, a framework, a mindset in this world of striving.
It’s a combination of:

  1. Desire
  2. Thought
  3. Action (Behaviour)

It also takes an incredible amount of willpower, and the self-discipline of a celibate monk in the Playboy Mansion.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but there is a reason the top 10% of society makes over a million or more annually, and the rest simply do not.
Do you agree or disagree?

Please leave your comments and questions below and join in on the discussion.


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